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Kathryn Davis
Administrative Director
Tel: (410) 735-7679
Fax: (410) 735-768

Rebecca Berger
Research Program Coordinator
Tel: (410) 735-7678
Fax: (410) 735-7680

Suzanne Connelly
Communications Officer, Fiesta 5K Race Director
Tel: (443) 564-0977
Fax: (410) 735-7680

Laura H. Renaud

Philanthropy Officer
Tel: (443) 938-2575



Jessica Lynn
Administrative Coordinator
Tel: (410) 735-7677



Theresa Clark
Senior Development Coordinator
Tel: (443) 287-7878



Kristin Ruth
Charitable Gifts & Data Specialist
Tel: (443) 287-7877

Our Experts

Johns Hopkins University
In ALS, motor neurons degenerate and eventually die. To understand why motor neurons die, Shan Sockanathan has spent her career searching for the factors that enable motor neurons to survive. She hopes to determine if these molecular pathways are specifically disrupted in ALS.